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Wolf Engine Management

Link to Wolf EMS's Website

Wolf EMS Retail Price List (PDF, 100kb)

Wolf EMS was started in the early 1990's. It was founded by three friends with a passion for fast cars and a thirst for technology. The release of the Wolf 3D V1.1 allowed the everyday enthusiast to fuel inject their vehicle and start to perform correct engine tuning, Wolf left the pack behind.

The Wolf 3D V4 was released in the early 2000's and with it came the new innovation of “plug in” ECU’s. This allowed the owner to unplug their original ECU and fit the Wolf as a direct replacement. Taking control of the engine allowed the Wolf to unleash the power from their engine. In 2007 was the release of the Wolf V500, This was to be the ECU that to date no one has matched. Being able to drive and calculate so much, the Wolf V500 could now be fitted to cars with electronic transmissions. Looking at customers needs, Wolf EMS released its sister ECU Wolf V550, To date it is still a leader in the ECU market allowing such things as self tuning and launch control as standard features, along with dual on board mapping with interfacing for flex fuel sensors. There is not much a WOLF ECU can't do.

At Wolf EMS we consider ourselves to be the leaders in the industry. We can accept any challenge that has been brought to us big or small. We service the small guy as well as big industry, we treat every job the same. Our team shares a strong will for developing new technology and continue to advance into the future.

Robbie McQueen took over the business in February 2012, while he was working for Wolf as their lead tech support engineer. The opportunity arose to take control of the business and he took it with great pride. The passion and loyalty for the brand has lead to what we have today, a team that works together on producing a product that stands out because of its excellence in both quality and ability. With a brand that is 22 years old and been proven to with stand anything thrown at it, Wolf now is internationally recognised as a leader in the development of ECU’s and automotive electronics.

Street Sport Offroad
 8 Smart Injector Drivers X X X
 8 Ignition Outputs X X X
 E85 Cold Start Up Map X X X
 Multiple OEM Trigger Modes X X X
 Flex Fuel Compatible X X X
 8 PWM Outputs X X X
 Staged Twin Thermo Fans X X X
 Closed Loop Quad Cam Control X X X
 Dedicated Rev Limiter X X X
 Twin Lambda Control X X X
 Full Canbus Interactive X X X
 14 Dedicated Aux Pins X X X
 8 Multi Controllers X X X
 Antilag   X  
 Launch Control   X  
 Extra Rev Limiters   X  
 Traction Control   X  
 Onboard Data Logger   X  
 Fully Marinised     X
 O2 & Air Temp Sensor Included     X

Wolf EMS Retail Price List (PDF, 100kb)

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