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Cold Air Intakes

GMS Cold Air Intakes - Ford Mustang

Mustang 2015-17 Cold Air Intake System, Includes MAF Meter
The Mustang world has long been waiting for a true HI-PERFORMANCE air intake system for the Mustang that DOES NOT require a computer reflash or expensive custom tune.

Granatelli Motor Sports, The World Leader in Mass Airflow Sensors has done it again.  Introducing The First Of Its Kind Granatelli / PMAS 120mm Complete Air Intake System for the S550 2015 and up Mustang.  Gains of 25hp and 25 ft/lbs have been realized on an otherwise stock vehicle and best of all you NEVER have to reflash your computer.

The Granatelli air intake is the undisputed king of high flow intakes and promises to move more air than any competition on the market.  No PVC here.  Extensive 3D molding and hours on the flow stand testing goes into every air intake design offered by Granatelli

Adding the new Granatelli Motor Sports Cold Air Intake for the S550 Ford Mustangs has quickly shown to be the single best improvement you can do.  This "no tune required" CAI (Cold Air Intake)  system includes Granatelli calibrated MAF electronics so no expensive flash tool and custom tuning on a dynamometer is required, saving you $1000's.

The Easiest and Most Cost Effective Way To Make 25RWHP and 25 Ft/Lbs In Your New S550 WITHOUT Ever Touching Your Computer.  We just became your best friend!

Mustang 2015-17 Cold Air Intake, No MAF Meter (Tuning Required)
The 5.0L Coyote platform has been a home run for Ford.  With simple modifications, the engine will make gobs of power.  Adding the Granatelli Cold Air Intake for the S550 Ford Mustang is a way to tap into that potential. 

Tuning is required for this version as it uses the factory MAF but using basic hand tools to install, the Granatelli Cold Air Intake averages 25HP/25TQ on Ford's newest platform.

CAPA Cold Air Intakes - BA-FG Falcon

BA-FG XR-6 Turbo - Pod Style Cold Air Intake Kit

BA-FG XR-8 - Pod Style Cold Air Intake Kit

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