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Ford Flash 2

Ford Flash 2


Available for:
  • BA-BF Falcon
  • FG Falcon (Early Models Only - Please Call)
  • SX-SY Territory
  • BA-FG FPV Vehicles


  • Custom Tuned! For programming with
    custom tuner files by CAPA Performance!
  • Real Time Data Logging! Real time high speed
    USB data logging via free Live Link software.
  • Diagnose Trouble Codes! Read/Clear & Diagnose
    DTC Trouble Codes / Check Engine Lights
  • More Performance! MORE Power! More Torque! and INCREASED Fuel Economy!

Excellent value for money. The cheapest and easiest way to extract more power from your Ford. Up to 40kw of additional power can be obtained on XR6 Turbo and XR8 Models.

CAPA’s Ford Flash 2 allows you to replace the factory program of your BA-FG Falcon or Territory with a custom performance program. The factory program is stored on the FF2 so the vehicle can be returned to factory at any time. You can also switch between performance programs and the factory program at any time. Adjustments to programs can be made from the handset.

Important Notes:
The Ford Flash 2 can only be used on one vehicle. To use the flash tuner on a new vehicle, the FF2 needs to be put back to the factory tune. The FF2 can then be sent back to CAPA to be Vin Unlocked and Reprogrammed. This can only be done 5 times.

Before having your vehicle serviced by a dealership, it is important to return the vehicle to it’s factory tune. Failure to do this can result in losing your performance tune, and the ability to reprogram the FF2.

Attention Flash 1 Customers

We still offer Flash 1 reprogramming services. Flash Tuners will need to be sent to CAPA to be reprogrammed. VIN unlock and one program installed for $295.00 including freight. Please give us a call for more information.


User Adjustment Options:  
Fuel Adjustment
Spark Adjustment
Rev Cut/Limit
Fuel Injector Size
Idle RPM Speed
Boost Adjustment (Turbo Cars)*
Auto Trans Shift Firmness
Cooling Fan Temp Adjust
Diff Ratio Speedometer Correction

The installation manual is
available for download here

To supply correct tune for vehicle, CAPA needs to know the “Processor Code” from the vehicle:

Processor Code Location on BA Falcons
On a BA this info is found on a white tag on the side of the ECU, on the passenger side strut tower under the bonnet. eg. A3YA or 32HG.
Processor Code Location on BF & FG Falcons
On the BF & FG, the info is found on a sticker inside the Drivers side door. The “Tear Tag” code or “PCM Software Info” is what needs to be supplied eg. A5GC or 5R29-14C205-AGC.

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