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Vortron Divider Manifolds

Vortron Industrial provides a single source for your complete air blow-off process. All Airpower accessory components have been engineered to compliment our high-effifiency blowers and air knives, providing maximum velocity and mass flow at the lowest operational cost. Selection of the proper components will assure you of superior air-knife system performance.

Designed for Maximum Performance of your Airpower System!

  • Available in "Wye", "Tri" and "Quad" configurations.

  • Material / Finish: New Metallocen Technology Resin - chemically resistant and UV stabilized for improved weather resistance. Colour: Black.

  • Optimum aerodynamic design with superior low pressure resistance and maximum air-flow capacity.

  • Streamlines the air blow-off system duct layout.

  • Outperforms fabricated metal manifold system designs.

  • Improves system efficiency; reduces energy consumption.

  • Use for up to 93°C application temperatures.

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OD Inlet 3.5" or 4.0" 3.5" or 4.0" 3.5" or 4.0" 4.0" or 5.0"
No. & OD Outlet 2 x 2.0" or 3.0" 3 x 2.0" or 3.0" 4 x 2.0" or 3.0" 2x 4.0"
Length 17.0" 17.0" 17.0" 17.0"
Approx. Weight 0.55kg 0.75kg 0.95kg 1.00kg

Price List

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