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Ford Supercharger Kits

2015-16 5.0L Mustang
Vortech Kit


2015-16 5.0L Mustang
Edelbrock Kit


FG XR8 / GT 5.4L


BA - BF XR8 / GT 5.4L

F 3-Valve 5.4L

FG 6cyl 4.0L


BA - BF 6cyl 4.0L &
Ford Territory 6cyl 4.0L


EB - AU 5.0 - 5.6L

Looking for USA Vortech and Paxton Supercharger Kits for Fords? Click Here.

Our CAPA Falcon Bolt On Blower Kits have revolutionised the performance of the EA - BF Series of cars.

From the 3.9 litre Multipoint engine to the 5.4 Boss V8 we have the whole range covered including all of the Tickford XR6 (including VCT) and XR8 versions. How does a 300kw 5.0 litre sound, or maybe even a 270kw VCT 4.0 litre.

Most kits are emission legal in Australia. Please contact us for more information.

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