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Home > Supercharger Kits > Chevrolet / GM Supercharger Kits > Big Block Chevrolet Vortech

Chevrolet / GM Supercharger Kits

Vortrech Universal Carburetted Big Block Chevrolet
"Low Mount" Supercharger Kit - Gen 2

This is a "universal" supercharger kit designed for vehicles equipped with carburetted big block Chevrolet engines.

System Dimensions

  • This system requires the installer to supply a high volume fuel pump and properly jetted 4150 style carburettor unit (with mechanical secondaries)
  • We have verified this kit to fit on 1964-1972 Chevelle / Malibu models equipped with a cowl induction hood. Minor bottom-side hood support modifications may be required dependingupon the type of intake manifold installed on the engine.
  • This kit may also fit other Chevrolet models, but has not been confirmed
  • Horsepower gains (depending onboost levels, engine volumetric efficiency etc.): 30-75%+
  • Supplied pulley ratio will produce approximately 5-6 psi at 5000 rpm on a mildly modified 454" engine
  • Installation time: 4-10 hours depending on application

Included Components

  • V7 YSi-trim supercharger with 3.33" pulley 10-rib (CW rotation; straight discharge)
  • Cast aluminum mounting bracket with all necessary hardware
  • New twin 1/2" thick billet aluminum mounting plates for rigid supercharger attachment
  • Supercharger drive:
    • Belt tensioner with dual bearing, billet aluminum idler pulley
    • Includes 61.8” 10-rib belt, billet aluminum accessory drive crank pulley (3 groove) with hard anodize finish and spacer for use with long water pump spacing
    • 10-rib billet aluminum supercharger crank pulley with hard anodize finish (7” diameter)
    • Available drive component accessories to convert to 36 or 50mm wide 8mm pitch cog drive. See optional components below for part numbers
  • 3.5” diameter cast aluminum discharge tube assembly with clamps, silicone sleeves and hardware
  • Supercharger oil drain assembly
  • Supercharger oil feed assembly
  • Cast aluminum carburetor enclosure assembly (use with 4150 Holley or Demon Carburetor)
    • Enclosure features front and rear –8 fuel inlet ports as well as multiple locations for pressure/vacuum connections. Linkage arms, splined shaft, and left/right hand spherical rod ends are included for simple throttle connection and adjustment.
    • Optional fuel line kits are available. They include custom bent stainless steel lines, billet -8 bulkhead adapter with fuel pressure port and plug, -8/-6 junction tee, aluminum swivel hose ends and USCG approved fuel hose. See optional components below for part numbers.

Please Note
This system was designed to fit on engines equipped with a "long" water pump. Vortech includes a 3-groove accessory drive crank pulley (for use with "long" style water pumps only). If this kit is to be installed on an engine equipped with a "short" water pump, a custom accessory drive crank pulley and spacer will be required.

For engines equipped with power steering, a remote reservoir (GM "type 2") style pump will be required as well as an optional Vortech power steering pump bracket and pulley assembly. Depending on the vehicle, power steering lines may require fabrication.

Power steering pump: OE on 1987 GM Pontiac Sunbird, NAPA # 20-874

Vortech power steering bracket/pulley assembly: 4GA110-010

Optional / Essential Components

The following is a list of parts that are not included, but may be required for complete system operation:

Supercharger pulleys and belts: contact technical department for proper application match

  • 2A031-250: 2.50" diameter 10 rib driven pulley 
  • 2A031-275: 2.75" diameter 10 rib driven pulley
  • 2A031-295: 2.95" diameter 10 rib driven pulley 
  • 2A031-312: 3.12" diameter 10 rib driven pulley 
  • 2A031-333: 3.33" diameter 10 rib driven pulley 
  • 2A031-347: 3.47" diameter 10 rib driven pulley 
  • 4MA018-041: 6.00" diameter 10 rib drive (crank) pulley 
  • 2A041-607: 10-rib 60.7 inch belt 

Compressor bypass valve and flange (may not be required): contact the technical department to determine the proper valve selection for your application

  • 8D204-001: Maxflow Race bypass valve 
  • 8D004-052: Race bypass weld-on flange (aluminium) 
  • 8D103-001: Mondo bypass valve 
  • 8D003-052: Mondo bypass weld-on flange (aluminium) 

Fuel line/fitting kit for Vortech carburettor enclosure including custom bent stainless steel lines, billet -8 AN bulkhead adapter with fuel pressure port and plug, -8/-6 AN junction tee, aluminium swivel hose ends and USCG approved fuel hose (Required)

  • 8M110-020: Holley #4150 Series (w/dual metering blocks) SS Fuel Line Kit 
  • 8M110-030: Demon #750 MD Series Fuel Line Kit 

Aftermarket ignition amplifier (not required, but recommended)

  • 5A001-008: Crane HI-6 ignition amplifier box w/ rev-limiter 

Supercharger air inlet ducting/air filter

  • 7S400-000: 4" dia. x 90º cast aluminium inlet elbow 
  • 7S400-001: 4" dia. x 90º rubber inlet elbow 
  • 7S400-200: 4" dia. x 2" silicone sleeve 
  • 8H040-095: air filter, 3.5" dia. flange x 4.5" L 
  • 8H040-097: air filter, 3.5" dia. flange x 6" L 
  • 8H040-190: air filter, 3.5" dia. flange x 5.5" L 

Miscellaneous Components

8M011-001: Air diffuser. 5.75" diameter x 2.5" tall. Mounts on top of 4150 carburettor when installed in Vortech carburettor enclosure. This diffuser stabilizes the airflow entering the carburettor in "blow-through" applications which allows for smoother operation and improved idle when supercharged 

4GA110-010: Power Steering Bracket/Pulley Assembly 

Pulley / Belt Combinations

The following table can be used to determine crank pulley diameter, supercharger pulley diameter and belt length based off an approximate boost level.

Approximate Boost Level*  Crank Pulley/Supercharger Pulley 
Diameter and Vortech Belt Number - 
Modified Heads/Cam Shaft
4-5 psig 7"/3.47" 2A041-618 
5-7 psig 7"/3.33" 2A041-618
7-8 psig 7"/3.12" 2A041-618
8-10 psig 7"/2.95" 2A041-618
10+ psig 7"/2.75" 2A041-607

*Estimated boost levels based on 454 cubic inch engine at 5200 rpm max.

Part  Descripton  Boost  Power  Retail
Number        (FW)  (Inc. GST)
Universal Big Block Chev Carburetted Kit, V-7 YSi, Satin $6495.00
NOTE: Polished Big Block Kits Available - Add $500.00  
Universal Big Block Chev Carburetted Kit, V-7 YSi, Satin **NO ENCLOSURE** $6095.00
Universal Big Block Chev Carburetted Kit, V-7 YSi Gilmer, Satin **NO ENCLOSURE** $7295.00
NOTE: Polished Big Block Kits Without Enclosures Available - Add $400.00  

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