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Price List

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Supercharger Rebuilds / Repairs Holden Power Parts  

Part  Descripton  Retail
Number     (Inc. GST)
Vortech Supercharger Repairs    
For fitment to Vortech Superchargers in house only.    
Workshop Labour - Hourly Rate $165.00
Workshop Labour - Supercharger Inspection Fee $249.00
Workshop Labour - Recondition Supercharger Vortech $549.00

Note: All FULLY Reconditioned Vortech Superchargers come with a 6 month comprehensive warranty. 

Vortech Compressor Upgrade (SI / TI) - Exchange Impeller & Compressor Cover $1395.00
Note: Further repair may be needed inside the supercharger for this upgrade.  
Note: Supercharger must have a Big Bearing Gearbox.  
Input Bearing Normal   $130.00
Input Bearing Heavy Duty   $225.00
Output Bearing Heavy Duty, Small Bearing Gearbox $240.00
Output Bearing Normal, Large Bearing Gearbox, Sealed Unit $205.00
Output Bearing Heavy Duty, Large Bearing Gearbox, Oil Feed $295.00
Ceramic Impeller Seal   $205.00
Ceramic Impeller Seal Thrust Washer .088" $79.00
Ceramic Impeller Seal O'Ring $25.00
Input Seal   $31.00
1 Bolt Compressor Retaining Tab $16.50
2 Bolt Compressor Retaining Tab $16.50
3/8" Copper Washer For Oil Feed Fitting   $16.00
3/8" Gearbox Bung Magnetic  $31.00
3/8" Gearbox Bung STD $5.50
Output Wave Washer 40mm O.D. $11.00
Output Shim .025" Thick $11.00
Vortech Name / I.D. Tag $32.00
S.U. Dipstick $79.00
Gearbox Brass Side Plug $35.00
Air Assist Nozzle   $192.00
Air Assist One Way Valve   $99.00
Impeller Nut CW $32.00
Impeller SI CW $995.00
Impeller TI CW $995.00
Impeller, V7 YSi CW $1195.00
Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet), Exchange (Outright, add $250.00) $1249.00
Note: Old Impeller MUST be in good condition.  
Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet), Exchange w/ Super Mondo Bypass Valve (Outright, add $250.00) $1749.00
Note: Old Impeller MUST be in good condition.  
Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet) - Outright $1499.00
Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet) Upgrade w/ Super Mondo Bypass Valve - Outright $2195.00
1/8 Volute Bung $2.75
Output Shaft, V2 / V3 CW $679.00
Output Shaft, V7 $595.00
Input Shaft, V7 CW $1155.00
Input Shaft, V2 / V3 CW $935.00
V2/V3 Bare Gearbox Set $1029.00
Compressor Cover SI Straight Outlet $859.00
Compressor Cover SI Curved Outlet $859.00
Compressor Cover TI Straight Outlet $869.00
Compressor Cover V7 YSI Straight $889.00
Compressor Cover V7 YSI CCW Straight $889.00
Compressor Cover O Ring   $72.00
Gearbox Cover O Ring   $19.00
Supercharger VS-VT V6 L67  
VT-VY Snout Assembly - 3.4" (9psi) - Outright    
All Snouts include Belt, Gasket and Oil for a complete installation.  
Note: Includes Core Deposit of $150. To be refunded on return of factory snout.  
Workshop Labour - Recondition Supercharger Eaton, 30 Day Warranty Only   $480.00
Magnuson Products - Eaton Units  
Magnuson Snout Seal $121.00
Magnsuon Double Row Input Bearing $290.00
Magnuson MP1900 / 2300 VT-VZ 'Early' Manifold Gaskets $165.00
Magnuson MP1900 / 2300 VE 'Late' Manifold Gaskets $165.00
Magnuson LS S/C Reco Labour (Inlcudes Manifold Breakdown) $890.00
Magnuson Manifold O-Ring Kit  $69.00
Magnuson LS1 Intake Manifold O-Ring Set of 8 $95.00
LSA - Eaton Units  
LSA Front Snout Bearing $119.00
LSA Rear Snout Bearing $99.00
LSA / LT9 / LT4 3-Pin Drive Hub $129.00
LSA Front Coupler $139.00
LSA Bypass Shaft Needle Roller Bearings $35.50
LSA Input Shaft $198.00
LSA Dual Lip Sealed Rotor Needle Roller Bearing $82.50
LSA Single Lip Sealed Rotor Needle Roller Bearing $71.50
Workshop Labour - LSA Rotor Swap Out For Porting $395.00
Workshop Labour - LSA Recondition - Complete $595.00
Edelbrock Replacement Parts  
Edelbrock E-Force Replacement Shaft Kit w/ Standard Shaft $245.00
Edelbrock E-Force Replacement Shaft Kit w/ 4340 Billet Shaft $495.00
Eaton Replacement Parts    
Rear housing end roller bearings   $51.00
Front snout bearing   $41.00
Rear snout bearing, 1 Piece   $41.00
Front snout seal Eaton $48.00
Front plastic coupler   $95.00
Replacement Oil - 200ml $45.00
Replacement Oil - 500ml $89.00
GM 1 Piece Snout Bearing, Front   $51.00
GM 1 Piece Snout Bearing, Rear   $15.50
Eaton GT 500 Needle Roller Bearing 18.3 x 32 x 23.7 $82.50

Workshop Labour - Recondition Supercharger Procharger

D / P / F Series Impeller Seal  $186.00
Slinger Shaft Bearing (ea) $16.50
Load Side Output Bearing $265.00
Output Bearing $142.00
Input Bearings $121.00
Input Seal $55.00
Billet Impeller Replacment  $POA
Replacement Oil - 6oz (177ml) $42.00
Replacement Oil - AMG Jet 2 - 500ml $59.00
Replacement Oil - AMG Jet 2 - 1000ml $99.00
  Workshop Labour - Recondition Supercharger STA $590.00
Input Bearing Large $95.00
Input Bearing Small $85.00
Output Bearing HD Large $239.00
Output Bearing HD Small $159.00
Input and Output Seal $150.00
STA Gearbox O-Ring  $19.00
Workshop Labour - Recondition Supercharger Volvo Penta / Kawasaki Rotor Fr. $490.00

Please contact C.A.P.A for information on further products not listed on the website.

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Notification of any changes will be advised prior to shipment.  Prices do not include shipping and handling charges.

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