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Home > Supercharger Kit Parts > Intake & Discharge Pipework

Intake & Discharge Pipework

Air Filter Hanger Brackets
Available to suit Holden and Ford

Inlet Hose, Cloth
Inlet Hose 3-1/2" Cloth (900mm)
Inlet Hose 4" Cloth (900mm)

3" Aluminium Discharge Tube
Universal with rubber grommet in 85mm-280mm lengths.
Straight lengths without rubber grommet in 400mm and 550mm lengths.

85mm, Suits VT V8 Series 1
120mm, Suits LS1, VS-VT Ecotec V6
170mm, Suits AU V8, Toyota Landcruiser
280mm, Suits VN-VR V6

Specially bent sections with rubber grommet to suit: 
VN-VS V8 Commodore
EF-AU 6cyl Falcon
EB-EL & BA V8 Falcon

Cast Aluminium Bend 3" x 90 Degree

Cast Aluminium Bend 2 7/8" x 90 Degree

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